Next Level DeepTech #3: Showcase of Japanese & German Startups ~Biotech & Sustainable Materials ~

November 16, 2023
17:00 - 18:30 JST
9:00 - 10:30 CET

*This event will be conducted fully in English

<Event 1liner>
This event aims to promote startup collaboration with industrial players between Japanese and Germany startups in Biotech & Sustainable Materials area.



<Event summary>
This event is the 3rd edition of Plug and Play Japan’s initiative of regular Global DeepTech Pitch Events: “Next Level DeepTech”, with purpose to introduce DeepTech startups which has cutting-edge technology in various fields. In this 3rd edition, Plug and Play Japan is collaborating with Germany VC High-Tech Gründerfonds , the event will feature 8 great Biotech & Sustainable Materials startups, and there will also a keynote session with topic of “Why Japan and Germany should co-create in the deeptech area”.

DeepTechスタートアップのCross Border コラボレーションを促進するプロジェクト「Next Level Deeptech」の第三弾を開催いたします。本取り組みでは、世界各国の最先端の技術を持つDeepTechスタートアップを紹介します。今回第三弾では、ドイツVCであるHigh-Tech Gründerfondsと共同で、ピッチセッションでは日本とドイツから8社の優れたバイオテックとサステイナブル素材のスタートアップ企業が参加します。また、基調講演では「なぜ日本xドイツはdeeptech領域において共創すべきか」をトピックに実施予定です。


<Keynote Speaker / 基調講演 登壇者>

Nikolaus Raupp
Senior Investment Manager, HTGF

BASF社で監査やグローバルサスティナビリティマネージャーを経験したのちに、建築コーティング向けのポリマー分散液の事業部のシニアマネジャーに着任。2021年よりHTGF社に参画し、Altana、Evonik 、WackerなどがLP出資するファンドの化学やバイオ領域のスタートアップ投資を担当。


<Startup pitch lineup / Startup登壇者>

  • CarbonFly:
    Developed technology to produce carbon nanotubes of various shapes from carbon dioxide with high purity
  • Fermelanta:
    Development of an integrated platform for the construction of artificial strains for industrial use using synthetic biology
  • intelligent fluids:
    Replace harmful aggressive solvents with innovative, water-based, and non-toxic formulations that are less harmful to people, product and environment while upholding uncompromised performance standards at the same time.
  • Plastformance :
    From thermally conductive plastics to hotspot cooling to highly electrically conductive plastics for bipolar plates or heavy plastics for gamma radiation protection: We will find the right solution for you.
  • bind-X:
    Developed proprietary technologies based upon microbiologically induced calcite precipitation for mining applications or weed protection.
  • numaferm:
    Explore and harness the potential of affordable peptides, pepteins and proteins with our disruptive bioprocesses for discovery, optimization and production.
  • Algal Bio Co., Ltd
    Developing unique algal strains for high impact sectors such as food, health and wellness, and energy
  • Bioworks
    Development of modified polylactic acid compound “PlaX” and fiber products


<High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)>



Supported by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

Agenda / Time Table

  • 17:00 ~ 17:05
    Welcome Remarks from Plug and Play Japan
  • 17:05 ~ 17:30
    Keynote Session from High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • 17:30 ~ 18:25
    Startup pitch session: 8 Startups
  • 18:25 ~ 18:30

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