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採用ポジション Unity game designer
仕事内容 1. Design, build and maintain clean, efficient, reusable, and reliable code. Code should be:•Readable and well documented: easy to find and modify features•Modular and independent, easy to add and remove features, one behavior per script.
2. Implement and change game functionalities.
3. Implement characters, scenario, and animation provided by 3D artist and sound provided by sound designer.
4. Implement visual effects: materials, textures, shaders, illumination, visual effects, based on concept art.
5. Ensure the best performance, quality, and responsiveness of the game.6. Ensure stable local multiplayer up to 6 players.
7. Identify and fix process and application bottlenecks and bugs.
応募条件 •Around 5+ years of experience in Unity3D.
•Skilled at C# system architecture and class design in the context of a Unity project
•Experience with the implementation of 3D visual elements (such as lighting) and effects in Unity.
•Experience with developing and publishing online multiplayer games using Unity, having worked in at least 2 published online multiplayer game.
•3D mathematical skills are required (specially booleanoperations): this is vital to the project, territory calculation of adding and subtracting meshes was our biggest challenge.
•Experience in AI for games.
•Can start developing as soon as possible and finish the project before 21stMarch 2021
募集メッセージ Hello, we are Kinix, a recently formed game design studio based in Tokyo, aiming to dissolve the barrier between sports and e-sports and we are looking for a game developer to work on our current game.
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