Accelerator Program

A grand business development opportunity.

Plug and Play’s accelerator program offers startups opportunities to connect and work with leading corporates, VCs, and industry experts. Throughout the program, there are workshops and mentoring sessions for you to accelerate your business.

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Plug and Play Japan provides accelerator programs across 8 different industries to drive innovation by connecting startups with our corporate partners. Through our programs, startups can get opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of major corporations in Japan.

How to Apply
Please submit your company information from the link below.

1. Business Development Opportunities

Through the program, you can get many opportunities to be introduced to major corporations in Japan. You can be directly connected with key personnel who are in charge of the new business development in our corporate partners. Learn more about our corporate partners here.

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2. Variety of Events and Webinars

Our program is designed to support international startups to enter the Japanese market. We provide webinars on important topics regarding international expansion as well as Japanese market entry, such as Japanese business protocols, marketing, PR strategies, legal advice, and hiring.


We offer you a variety of webinars where industry-specific experts and professionals will give lectures such as;
- Legal and regulatory procedure to work with Japanese corporations
- Communication tips for working with Japanese corporations
- Importance of having a local entity and a country manager


We offer individual mentoring sessions tailored to each startup’s needs and interests. Mentoring on the following topics has been conducted thus far:
- Sales pitch and presentation
- PR / Marketing Communication
- Business strategy in Japan
- Intellectual properties

Startup Mixers

We hold social gatherings and pitch opportunities for startups across different regions and industries. You can use those events as an opportunity to build a network and to seek collaborations with other startups from all over the world.

Pitch Review

A renowned keynote speaker Kei Shimada gives each startup individual pitch coaching to refine your presentation skills. Mr. Shimada has given more than 150 presentations at tech conferences in nearly 20 countries. You can also consult with him on Japanese market entry and networking tips in local communities.

3. Global Network

Leveraging our network of 40+ international offices, we support global expansion of our startups through an introduction to accelerator programs in various locations and giving you access to corporate partners and VCs.

4. Our Mentors

Our industry-specialized mentors provide you with in-depth mentoring sessions in order to meet the strategic needs of startups.

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5. Co-Working Space

Selected startups are eligible to use location-based co-working space for the duration of the program.
Location Partner,Tokyo : Tokyu Land Corporation
Location Partner, Kyoto : Dentsu
Location Partner, Osaka : MUIC Kansai

After the application is submitted, the initial screening will be conducted by Plug and Play Japan and our Corporate Partners.


Plug and Play’s program is stage-agnostic. We provide content catering to the needs of startups at each and every stage.

  • *We do not ask our startups for a fee or equity to participate in our program.
  • *Startups who have participated in our program in the past can apply again for a different vertical.

How to Apply
Please submit your company information from the link below.